Friday, 24 April 2015

Collection Honey Honey

Honey Honey is the sweet nectar made by bees and also the name we affectionately give to our loved ones. This name fully reflects the diversity of the debut collection from the young brand ‘Land Kay’. Shimmering silk with a kaleidoscope of patterns fashioned from precious stones, among which small bees and floral motifs are hidden, as well as delicate peonies, which seem to blend in to the translucent georgette.

The Honey Honey models are made not only in a romantic style. Air dresses and skirts easily fit in with tops and dresses in classic cuts, complemented by diamond patterns, with several cotton sportswear-everyday pieces, t-shirts featuring painted watercolour portraits of girls. Our ‘must have’ collection is made up of cotton t-shirts with a huge yellow diamond - ‘Marry Me’, which will find a place in the wardrobe of every sweet honey girl.

Expressive silhouettes bring together the precise geometry of the precious stone’s fixture with the softness of flowers. Styles range from slimline to free. The focus of the collection is put on the purity and simplicity of the forms and their convenience. Some of the pieces in the collection can easily be transformed, allowing their mistress to ‘create’ her own outfit.


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