Friday, 8 January 2016

Sweet Peony it is my dream / Unique Wedding Dress

Many girls are dreaming about a dress for the single most important day of their lives. Some wish to have a classical white gown, some prefer quite unusual looks. No matter what they chose I am sure that all of the girls will look amazing! Also a lot of designers have a dream to create a dress for a really special occasion. Land Kay was commissioned to produce a gown for a wedding salon which would reflect their vision. That means feminine, charming and of course including the symbol of the boutique - a tender pink peony. 
That was the first wedding dress in my and Land Kay life. Once I have all the pictures from the presentation of our Sweet Peony Dress I would love to share the process of working on it and I will definitely tell what helped and inspired me.

The client's request fully suited Land Kay and me. Feminine and charming with a tender touch of watercolor and fresh breath. The first morning I was so amused with more than 250 flowers in one room: perfumed roses, sweet peonies, pale hyacinths and white dresses around me and our photographer. It was like being in heaven! For sure!

I made some sketches with a pencil and afterwards with watercolor. In the end, from all of these drawings we chose the peony to create a print. I was so excited about the floral perfume, the only song in my head was -
Sweet Peony by Bobbie Gentry. That's how I decided to give our gown a name... 

The next step was the sketches. We aimed for feminine style among peonies and natural silk. Later we decided to print on a satin fabric containing silk and cotton, to make the fabric more solid. Even the lining which is close to the body should be natural. My sketchbook is also a mood board – a collage of pictures, sketches and samples of fabric. I find it very convenient to have important notes and inspiring elements on one page.

To add a fresh touch we made a decision to create a 3D effect by printing the same print onto 2 separate layers of fabric. Transparent silk organza was the upper layer of the dress and satin was the layer underneath. Then, we were working on the print combining and placing watercolor peonies to create a perfect pattern, then creating a 3D computer aided model of the dress with fabric. It must be a dress for a princess no less!

A happy day it is when you receive the fabric with your design from the manufacture in England. And you cannot wait to put it on a mannequin to create some drapes. But first I had to check if the colors and the length of the repeat are printed well. Satin and organza have different fabric structures. We have to keep in mind that organza is more stretchy and the print can be slightly transformed after cutting. 

Then we moved to the studio for the sewing and fitting processes.

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