Thursday, 2 June 2016

5 things Fashion Illustrator cannot live without / Working space of a Fashion Illustrator

Hello! My name is Irina Kaygorodova and I am a Land Kay creator. 
Also I am a Fashion Illustrator, Textile Print Designer and Art Educator.

These are five things I can’t live without when drawing.

My watercolour set (1) includes liquid colours, ink and ink pens, a bunch of synthetic and natural brushes, palettes, watercolour markers, and waterbrushes. My watercolour box has remained the same since I was at university studying art in Russia. Slowly colour palette in my set evolved from natural shades to bright saturated colours, which are necessary for fashion illustrations.

Sketchbooks (2) I find myself using three size sketchbooks. The biggest I have is for textile print ideas, mood boards, and collages for new designs. I usually use this one while preparing to start work on new print and design collections. My second book, an A4 size made by Fasionary, is a bit more portable.  It definitely makes my life easier to draw fashion sketches for Land Kay and learn upcoming seasonal trends out and about at coffee shops. The smallest book I use for inspirational ideas and row sketches.

My School Folder (3) holds all my sketches and drawings for the fashion illustration courses I teach. I carefully select samples, like the Giambattista Valli, a catchy illustration of a woman in a decadent red and embroidered dress. Illustrations help me explain the way to draw a woman’s body, facial proportions, drapes, textures, fabrics, shoes, accessories, jewellery and beautiful high fashion dresses.

Postcards (4). I collect them from museums and art galleries I travel to around the world. I search for paintings with striking color schemes or cohesive details, like a white cloud with colorful balloons on the Eiffel Tour.  Or botanical paintings from the 18-century, that inspired me in the middle of February, to work on a summer print floral collection.

A glass of Water (5) is the source of life for my watercolour drawings and for my whiskered and tailed muses, Billy and Simona. They are with me day and night while I draw. My clients say if they see a picture of Billy drinking water on Instagram, it’s a sign of a great success for their new collection. 

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